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BOJI STONES by Dr. Arthur Cushman

When I received the Boji Stones, I was amazed.  When I put the 2 stones together it felt like a magnet was pulling them together, although obviously they are not magnetized.  Looking between them, I could see spirals of energy connecting the 2 stones; purple, green and blue lights.  I was amazed by the power in these stones. When I was holding the stones and meditating on them, the following happened:


The Boji Stones told me the following:  We were here before the coming of the light.  We are very old, about 1 billion years old.  We were here when the light came.  We felt the love of father sun for mother earth.  We were here when a planet hit the earth creating the moon.  We saw how the moon perfectly reflected the light and love of the sun for the earth.  We represent the sun and the moon- the sun and the earth- the masculine and the feminine……

We were here when life developed in the oceans.  We were here when life further developed and the world was covered with huge forests, ferns, and dinosaurs walked the earth.  We saw darkness destroyed the earth when it was struck by an asteroid.  We were here when ice covered the earth and volcanoes were erupting everywhere.  We were here when the first man arrived.  At that time; mamouths, camels, saber-toothed tigers, and many other large mammals were roaming the earth.  We saw the world again destroyed with darkness and climate change when a pole shift occurred.  Life gradually recovered-however, the large mammals were gone.  We were here when the American Indians recovered and along with the buffalo, and antelope filled the land.  We saw how the American Indians loved and cared for each other and mother nature.  We saw howtheir love for each other deteriorated into warfare and total disrespect for women and mother earth.  We saw the coming of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  She was a woman of light she taught peace, and love for each other and for mother earth to the American Indians.  They generally did much better following this until the white men came and killed almost every buffalo on earth.  They killed as many American Indians as they could, they put the survivors children in boarding schools in an attempt to civilize them.  They divided the land among themselves putting the survivors on reservations without adequate food or employment.  It was nearly inevitable that loss of spirituality, alcoholism, drug abuse followed.

Man is committing matricide we are killing our mother.  This is being done because of greed and disrespect form mother earth.  People also want something bigger and getter that they have ever had before, all this requires large amounts of energy which is stored in mother earth.  They think they own the earth and can do anything they wish with her.  They did not understand that they belong to the earth and the earth does not belong to them.  Many species are disappearing daily, forests are disappearing.  Indigenous cultures are disappearing.  The world is gradually being destroyed.  The oceans are filled with pollution to the point that within a few years; fish will not longer be able to life in them.  Father sun is angry, Mother earth is sad.  IF changes are not made, darkness will again fill the earth.  The poles will be shifted.  Many people are now realizing what man has done to the earth and they are awakening.  Because they have right relationship to nature and each other, we will be protected.

The stones then told me we are here to help us through the coming earth changes.  Let us help and guide you.  Use us daily and we will guide you on how to change your life.   You must realize that everything is alive and everything is light and spirit.  We bet that you have no idea that we could talk to you.  All must come together and be one again.  Darkness will soon descend the earth and a new earth will emerge.  Only those who truly love one another and the earth will survive and make the transition to a higher level of existence. 

We beg you to let us help you.  Remember______________ we are the oldest things on the planet and we are alive.  We have witnessed everything and we will witness everything.

Rich writes that the Boji Stones helped his friend deliver a baby, she was very nervous during delivery and started to have breathing problems. Rich gave her a set of Boji stones to hold and her deliver became less harsh, she easily delivered a 7 lb baby named Abigail. One day little Abby was very colicky and could not rest, all she did was cry.  Rich placed a set of Boji Stones in her crib and she became very calm and could get to sleep.

Steve wrote to tell me that he had a bad butter burn, reached for a boji stone, placed the boji on the burn and the burn did not bubble or turn red.  It was as if he had never experienced the burn! Stay tuned for more testimonials to the effects of the amazing boji stone. Sheila has suffered from lower back pain for 10 years.  After using the Boji Stones for two days, she started to feel a tremendous relief. Now Sheila uses the Boji Stones once a week to keep her lower back pain free.

Jenna tells me that she keeps a set of Boji Stones in the refrigerator, when her muscles become tense and sore, she uses the cool Boji stones for instant relief.

For many months I was plagued with periodic numbness in my hands. Itwasn’t carpal tunnel, as it presented in all five digits. I went to an Osteopaethic MD, got X-rayed and was told C5/6 and C6/7 were shot. Degenerative cervical disc disease. I was devastated! Physical therapy was okay until they misapplied stuff with a mechanical thing that I call “the rack”. I quit the program and went to a Chinese acupuncturist in  Timonium, MD. Dr. Hiayang Li, an authority on acupuncture and Tui Na. His sessions helped immensely. But then one evening while feting my Mother for her 87th, my hands just spazzed out. My hand locked on the fork, and I had to forcibly use the other to release it. It went on and on. It was like Peter Sellers and that scene in Dr. Strangelove. No control, at all. I was teary-eyed, feeling white hot pain, grimacing and freaking out the ‘rents and other guests at this swank restaurant. I had one more session with Dr. Li. and it helped. I continued, and still do his recommended herbal supplements. But then something weird happened. Ever been to a book store, and all of a sudden something jumps out at you? Well, I had Melody’s book on Love Is In The Earth. But for some reason I was directed to the page on Boji stones. To make a long story short, I bought 2 medium sets of Bojis and I could feel their power. But something said I needed more. So. I bought the huge golden healer and that seemed to be working. But, something said more was needed so, I now have 2 sets of rainbows, the huge Golden healer, 2 rainbow pendants,  one of which is not only gorgegous, but also very strikingly beautiful, and a very special Scorpio Boji pendant. It goes without saying I am a Scorpio, through and through. So what do I do with these Bojis? 

Well...............I don’t recommend it for everyone, but I sleep with the Golden on the pillow sham above my head and a pair of rainbows flanking me. Believe me the power is intense. Astral travel occurs as well as complete chakral clearing and balancing, and...........oh, yes..........NO, NADA, ZIP cervical problems and numbness. As Kellie said to me there is a resonance between the Bojis and myself. I am their guardian, and they mine.    C.E. Wrightsville, Pa.

I am fed up of reading in crystal healing books “that there are no proved healings documented” about the power of these fantastic, mystical stones. So just to tell you about what happened to me the other day, that proves the power of the Boji.  I was at work when I banged my arm so hard that the bruising was instant. I had a huge black bruise and my arm was swollen and very sore.

I went home with a limp arm that I thought would be so stiff and sore the following day, from the impact of it against the metal bar, that I decided to put my Boji to good use. I meditated for 15 minutes with a stone in each hand then applied them to my bruise and strapped them on overnight.  I woke in the morning and (bare in mind the bruise was so big that the Boji did not cover it all) found the bruise, pain and swelling gone. All that remained was a faded ring of bruising where the Boji had not covered it. Even my fella could not believe they were so powerful. So I have every faith in my special stones and all those non believers need to try it for themselvesand stop being skeptic.   Vertigo X

Just wanted to thank you again for the bojis.  I purchased a pair of 1"stones on or about the 10th of August.  I had mailed you to thank you for your prompt, professional service, as well as to ask about cleaning the stones.  I forgot to thank you for fulfilling my request for stones that were as round as possible, w/ plenty of platelets on the male.  The stones you sent me matched both of these criteria quite nicely.  I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I held the bojis, I realized I had never felt anything like them.  They are strange little things to say the least.  The "slight" force resembling the interaction between two magnets that the directions mention is anything but slight. Sometimes it is barely noticeable, but other times it is so strong that you can barely bring the stones together.   I checked the stones with a compass, and they do indeed appear to be entirely non-magnetic.

My wife usually isn't in to stones/crystals at all.  When I unpacked the bojis, my wife asked to see them.  she held them for a minute or so while i was in the other room.  when I came back, her face was flushed, beads of perspiration had broken out on her forehead, and tears were streaming down her face.  she asked me to take the stones back, and I asked her if everything was ok.  she said she was fine.  very strange reaction, but not something she perceived as negative, she has held them since, but not for any extended period of time :-).  I find it a bit odd, since for me the stones are very powerful, yet very soothing.  I carry them in my pockets all the time and meditate with them in the evening.  Anyway, just thought i would pass this on.  I recommended your site to a friend of mine who has recently discovered crystals.  hopefully he will pick up a pair of bojis to experience them for himself.
Thanks again,
Joshua Feltman

My recent order has arrived and I wanted to thank you so very much for choosing such beautiful Boji stones (awesome energy), sparkling Oregon Sunstones which have a warm, gentle and very healing energy to them as well as your generous gift of incense (what a wonderful aroma).  The Reiki energy with which you so graciously imbued the Boji and Sunstones brought tears to my eyes upon holding each.  The gentleness and patience you extended to me in our telephone conversation showed me that you are a very special, gifted lady indeed and the treasures that you have given us access to shows that Mother Earth has chosen you to be a channel for her energy.   I look forward to expanding my spiritual horizons with these beauties.  I know I will order from you again.   Blessings and light to you, Kellie.
Dennise Lucas

Kellie Jo,
I have a few thoughts on the Boji's.  I think that they interact with the yellow chakra, which is why they heal.  I think that the interaction one feels that is not measured as magnetic but is clearly felt, is an energetic boundary layer that serves to contain the life force of the stones.  It is similar to a biological cell membrane you might have learned about in high school biology class, except that it serves to retain the continuity of the chi or life energy of the stones, instead of biological material. Also, we bought a rainbow obsidian in the shape of a heart and use it for spiritual energy protection.  The stone helps me to see the white flecks of the chi of negativity to see who and what is disturbing harmony.  Just point it at the individual or source of perceived negativity, or search for the negativiity by focusing inward into the stone and turning it until the flecks of white chi are seen, then look to see with you eyes what the stone is reacting to.  One of the rainbow obsidian's properties appears to be that it can act like a load stone to help perceive the source of negativity,
displaying it as the flecks of white chi in a much clearer manner than the dark obsidian.
Jim david

Hi Kellie

Hopefully this email is received by Karen G. I met you at the Denver Rock show around the year 1999-2000. You might remember me, I bought and also traded you some of my Handmade Silver Jewelry (a chain for your niece, I think) for some Bojis... I still have them and they are some of my most treasured possessions.

I am emailing to say THANK YOU for being in my Life and my consciousness. I am only today realizing the series of events that has transpired for me in the past 30 years and where I AM. It is fantastic and I am very happy about it. Discovering Bojis back in the the 80s was a very important thing for me.

I was just reading on your Webpage that Bojis act as a grounding affect for those who are exposed to a large amount of crystal energy... this would be me! Although I have given away about 90% of the crystals I had at one time I still have a large amount of SUPERB crystals (points, fadens, shards, etc, -- I live in Arkansas). I always felt that a time would come when these crystals would be needed by others and THEN I would give them to those people as required. This is beginning to happen. I have also given at least 2 sets of my Bojis to exceptional people I have known who I felt could use them in their own healing practices.

Recently I had a friend who was diagnosed with Radial Nerve Palsy in his left arm. This was quite serious because he is a great guitar player and suddenly he could not even lift his arm. I handed him a set of Bojis and told him to hold them (intuitively) and it wouldn't take long before the energy would soon flow again in his arm. Well, he took the suggestion and is already playing the guitar again in just a few weeks. He had never heard of Bojis but is a believer now. I am very happy that I was able to help him with his self doubts. We have become good friends.

Thanks again for doing what you do. As I type this I am sending you my warmest regards for your Life and your gift. Many blessings to you-

Steve Stramel

Hi  Kellie

I just stumbled across your webpage about Boji stones. It is very interesting to read about those stones since I have/had a pair for many, many years now. 

I bought my first pair about 20 years ago in Switzerland in a little shop for healing crystals. I was immediately attracted to the pair (which was one of about 5 the lady had at her shop). Those two have been my constant companions for about 6 years until I got separated from them on a holiday trip to Australia . Losing them (they actually got stolen form our rental car along with several other things) was like losing a friend. After returning home I went to the same shop and got myself another pair. I found that the boji chooses the person – not the other way around, and so I ended up with a new pair of very good friends. 

This pair has now gone with me and my family through a lot of up’s and down’s and they have never failed me. I carry them wherever I go. At night they are on my bedside table and wait like a faithful friend, to be picked up again in the morning. I also take them to important meetings, job interviews, tests and basically everywhere I go. I never take them to beach, I don’t think they ‘like’ saltwater…. J. 

When my mother-in-law got very sick, she was suffering from multiple sclerosis for many years, she started to get involved with healing stone therapy and she ended up getting a pair of Boji as well. She since passed away and the Boji are now in our possession. 

In this story I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the stones are and how a stone can become a very good friend and a helper in good and bad times. (Sounds like a wedding vow..). 

 I hope that the pair I lost so many years ago will have found new owners or have gone back to where they have come from – back to mother earth.

All the best from Perth in Australia 

Markus Israng


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