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Moldavite is a translucent gem material which falls to earth from the heavens.  Moldavite fell over the Czech Republic about 14.8 million years ago.  It is used by many for spiritual development and consciousness expansion.  Moldavite offers an extremely high vibrations which can clear and open energy blocks in any of the chakras.  It is an excellent meditation stoned often used on the third eye and crown chakras.  These Moldavite stones are around 1 inch in size.


Sedona stones are from the airport vortex in the magically town of Sedona Arizona.  They are used to experience vortex energy and to stimulate meditation practice.
The size is around 2 inches.


These unusual stones are called Moqui Marbles and are Ironstone concretions found at the base of Navajo Sandstone formations.  Moqui Marbles have been used for centuries by Shamanic Tribes.  They can be used to align the energy centers, to unblock any energy in the chakra system, and to provide protection.   Grinding with two Moqui Marbles promotes receptivity to frequencies which are usually inaudible.  Some like to use them to contact ET's.
#OS3 $20.00 a pair


Tektites are from the heavens and maybe formed by the fusion of meteoric materials with earthly rock.  Tektites are used for astral travel and to increase lucid dreaming. 
#OS4 $10.00 each



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